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Our Products

S100 Anysize

1″ stroke positioner for precise rail control

  • Neck Ring Guides
  • Caps
  • Vials

S200 Anysize

2″ stroke positioner to guide wide variety of containers

  • Containers
  • Body Guides
  • Can Top Guides

S300 Anysize

3″ stroke positioner to guide wide variety of containers

  • Aluminum endcap
  • 316 SST
  • Stainless steel body

D400 Anysize

4″ stroke positioner to guide common case sizes

  • Flexibles Case Packaging Lines

D600 Anysize

6″ stroke positioner to guide the widest variety of packages

  • Flexible Case Packaging Lines

Anysize Controls

Stand alone panel to store product recipes

Why us?


Over 100,000 units in use without failure

Future Flexibility

Adding new sizes is easy and controlled completely from the touch screen.

Competitive Pricing

No other infinite system on the market comes even close. Plus the do-it-yourself installation is easy, which saves you even more.

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