The effort toward increased sustainability means less material used in packaging. For case conveying this means more delicate cases which, in turn, require gentler handling. Traditional approaches like low friction belt and increased conveyor zoning often also require more accurate guide rail settings.

BW Container Systems, industry-leading supplier of end-of-line packaging automation and conveyance solutions contracted AMT as the vendor for the new six inch stroke Anysize positioners in the accumulation zones
Case Study
Bottling Plant in Freemont, OH
Cases occasionally turn on the belt conveyors causing jams at the palletizer infeed.
AnysizeTM positioners bolted on to existing frame with poly flow tubing back to the control box
Special Problem:
Case conveyors are so close to each other there is no access to the said of the existing frame
Overhead brackets the positioners are mounted next to each other above the case

  • Can still reuse existing side rails
  • Guides extend open under loss of air
  • Guides move slowly to avoid any safety issues


About Flexibility Engineering
Flexibility Engineering developed and patented the Anysize® automatic positioning system for guiderails in 2008 and continues to expand the technology for use in all packaging applications that include multiple product sizes. Anysize® products are sold through an authorized distribution network with technology management and R&D support by Flexibility Engineering. For more information, visit