Morrison, an authorized ANYSIZE distributor, recently installed an automatic guide rail system at the large winery in Modesto.

ANYSIZE positioners have been used for years on empty plastic containers, but one potential weakness of the technology is that the rails will move when pressed. They spring back once the pressure is removed but the guides themselves are not ridged like traditional positioning systems.

The concern was that with the higher forces associated with full glass bottles the deflection would be too much.

The approach was to select a positioner with enough stroke to adjust the rails from one side only. With this design there is only one side flexing, the other is truly fixed. With the one side design theoretical calculations predicted a deflection of less than 3 mm which was confirmed in operation and well within the acceptable limit. This was possible even with standard 40 inch spacing on the brackets.

About Anysize and Flexibility Engineering
The Anysize® automatic positioning system for guiderails was developed and patented by Flexibility Engineering in 2008. We have continued to expand the technology for the use in all packaging applications that include multiple product sizes. Anysize® products are sold through an authorized distribution network with technology management and R&D support by Flexibility Engineering.